If you fancy the idea of dancing on the mailbox equipped with the latest gear … if you cannot stop yourself from hoarding more gold, even when you don’t really need to … if you get the indescribable rush from commanding a raid, or the sheer pride of a dominating PvP, read on ...

From: Jason Lowe


If you are anything like the person I have just described, I have bad news for you.

This obsession for the game that keeps you up at night as you keep on piling more and more epics and hoarding thousands of gold, making you wonder where the hours went…

This addiction for the game that pushes you to scour the web in order to find the key, the little known secret that would allow you to dominate one quest after another, in the shortest time possible…

This passion for the game that fills you with pride when you take on the lead of a group of players and guide them through raids and PvP battles...

But you’re not alone, and while it is true that no cure has yet been found to this sweet feeling of satisfaction you feel as you kick back and watch the loading screen appear, there is a way to ease your pain.

Because we want it all and we want it now; there is nothing more frustrating than wasting weeks of game play, if not months, just to get to the level cap…

Nothing more frustrating than being short of a couple hundreds of gold pieces when the deal of a lifetime happens right in front of you…

Or facing the sudden realization that the newbie you’ve challenged could beat the crap out of you because he rolled a warlock...


Hi, my name is Jason.

The fact that you are reading this page tells a lot about you.

You’re on this page right now because you’re finally ready to break free from the shackles and assume control of your gaming destiny with this amazing opportunity.

You’ve already got what it takes to join the elite, by the simple fact that you are willing to inform yourself and discover new ways to beat the odds and master the game.

This is where I step in.

The major gripe I have with a lot of so called ‘guides’ out there? These so-called ‘pros’ – a term that gets thrown around too easily nowadays- don’t actually play the game. Instead, they spend all their time trying to sell you the NEXT BIG SYSTEM instead of actually dominating the content they claim they are so amazing at.

Now, you may or may not have heard me to this point, I don’t really care. Before I set out to develop this all-conquering system I was involved in one of the biggest WoW organizations in the world.

I hesitate in calling this group of insanely talented yet humble individuals a guild because we were so much more than that.

Besides securing a couple of world firsts and maintaining a permanent spot in the top 10 Arena Teams every season, we also run one a WoW website that is hugely popular with over 20,000 active forum members.

That’s all I can reveal for now as I have promised my guild leader to keep my in-game identity a secret but I’m sure the more observant reader will have noticed and appreciated the significance of my affiliation’s accomplishments.

Enough talk, the proof is in the screenshots.




 In your quest for information, you’ve probably come across many different websites and communities all containing different bits of information regarding different aspects of the game, yet the all-inclusive end-all solution is still to be found.


How To Take Any Character To Level 85 In 6 Days Or Less

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Advanced Game Play Shortcuts
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Secret Strategies To Get Insanely Rich
  Never find yourself short of gold when you use these tips and tricks to gather your epic mount gold as well and a hoard of epic treasures.

I know, you’ve probably seen similar promises made all over the internet by now.

Maybe you’ve dismissed them as a scam, or maybe you tried it out for yourself only to realize that the information provided was impractical and of no use to you – because it was not class specific.

But today, I’d like to introduce you to a whole new series of unique player guides which are 100% class specific.

No more vague and general information, or tips that should really be simple logic to anyone with the IQ of an eight year old.

It's basically us drawing a line in the sand and saying "winners on this side, everyone else… step back"

Imagine having a complete step by step guide containing all of the secrets and hidden information regarding your favorite character class – everything to take you from newbie to elite player, within 6 days or less.

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